Strength of the Wolf


"Those are the voices of my brothers, darling; I love the company of wolves." - Angela Carter

The Gray Wolves take the young werewolves to Carrie Furnace, the traditional tun for the local Uratha. There, they introduce them to the neighboring Forsaken packs: the Blackfeather Watchdogs, the Blocker-Bitches, the Clustergeeks, the Keepers of the Dark, and the Western Front (the Pitt Bulls, for obvious reasons, could not send any representatives).

Already pledged to the Hunters in Darkness, Phoenix Adamski nonetheless had to earn his place among them, and that required him to hunt Crowfeeder. He finally succeeded by playing off his dedication to protect his territory. Rather than try to chase him down, he went to the borders of his territory, and there waited for him to return to defend it. Crowfeeder, impressed by Phoenix’s ability to trap his prey by understanding him, declared that he had passed his trial, and welcome him into the tribe.

Ian McGrath decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and sought entry into the Storm Lords. For his trial, Diana Frostblade told him to stand on a nearby hill amidst the storm.Ian decided to do more than simply weather the storm: he tried to take its essence into himself. He succeeded, and was welcomed among the Storm Lords.

David Smith and Jackson McKay sought entry into the Bone Shadows. For their initiation, Vivan of the Three-Fold Death asked them to enter the Shadow and convince spirits of coal and iron to become a steel spirit. They did so by striking and balancing bargains between them to place them in a klaive that Jackson would wield, called Steel-Edge.

The new Uratha swore the Oath of the Moon, as well as their tribal vows. The Western Front led the way in taunting the new pack, challenging them to a game of football (in Forsaken Football, though, you don’t have equipment, you play in Dalu form, and there are no rules about “unnecessary roughness.”)



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