Strength of the Wolf

The First Change (Part 1)

"Man is to man either a god or a wolf." - Desiderius Erasmus

  • David Smith is bitten by a big, mysterious dog. His visions become more intense and terrifying.
  • David crosses the path of Phoenix Adamski at Riverside Park. Phoenix begins to develop a strong compulsion to order, separate, or weigh things.
  • Phoenix meets Ian McGrath at a gallery show. Ian sees his art changing shape, speaking to him, and sometimes bleeding.
  • Derrick Prior asks Jackson McKay to bring David Smith to his house in Baldwin. There, he tries to put David in a silver-lined cage. Jackson shoves Derrick into the cage; when his arm touches one of the bars, it burns, and he writhes on the ground. David runs for it, finding others emerging from the corners and hallways of the house to stop him, even shooting at him. In the basement, Derrick transforms into a towering monster. Upstairs, the people pursuing David seem to become bigger, stronger, and more terrifying. To get away from them, David drops to all fours and runs through the night.
  • Large dogs try to bite Phoenix on her way to school.
  • David awakens in a basement. Upstairs, Ron, Andy, Clementine, and Jenny introduce themselves as a pack of werewolves. Andy was the one who bit David, not to turn him into a werewolf, but to be able to find him when he did Change. They tell him the story of Mother Luna and Father Wolf, and Pangea, and tell him of their competition with the Pure for newly-Changed Uratha like him. They also tell him that as he approached his First Change, he left a sort of spiritual wake through the Hisil, the Shadow Realm, and that likely pushed other Uratha who were nearing their First Change to experience it now rather than later. So, the pack must work harder to find the other Uratha about to change — before the Pure get to them first.
  • Derrick comes to Jackson’s house. He takes Dalu form in front of him and stabs himself in the gut to show him his regenerative capabilities. He then tells Jackson the story of Mother Luna and Father Wolf from the Pure’s perspective.
  • David joins Ron and Andy on their second attempt to bite Phoenix. This time they succeed. She runs from the three big dogs into the trees at Transverse Park, and from there into Hays’ Woods. She shifts between different parts of all five forms, trying instinctively to find a balance between them. She finally settles into Gauru form, and begins tearing up asphalt in a misguided, instinctive attempt to balance hardness and softness in the earth.



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