Strength of the Wolf

The Totem

“When you have been killed as many times as I have, you get used to it.” — Peter Sellers

With their pack formed, the Uratha decide to first hunt down a totem. They spread out, gathering intelligence about the Shadow in the area where they plan to claim territory, and find a few candidates:

They decide to hunt Panther-Devours-the-Past. On their journey, they find a nest of exploitation spirits that hold Nobles Lane, and a Stygian ferryman who conducts passengers across Route 51, beyond which the Irrulanim led them into a fold of the Shadow into a spirit-echo of Pangaea. There, they found Panther-Devours-the-Past. She would not agree to become their totem without testing them, of course. She hunted them through the night, into the Appalachian mountains, but as they climbed higher, they stretched further back in time, to when the mountains were younger and taller. David Smith fell in the midst of a brilliant and daring gambit to blast Panther with the power of the gathering storm. As they neared the summit — and beyond it, morning — Jackson McKay stood to face Panther, while Ian McGrath carried David to the mountaintop. As they reached it, they saw the dawning sun, and Panther relented. He agreed to become their totem, and laid this ban on them: that they each hunt a gaffling once every cycle of the moon, alone. After all, she said, if she is to hunt with them as a pack, they must honor her way of solitary hunting in turn.



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