Greater Gaffling

  • Rank: Greater Gaffling
  • Choir: Animal
  • Descant: Cat
  • Tarot: The Seer

When the last Pennsylvania panthers died, the panther spirits also disappeared. One by one by one they either died or migrated away or changed themselves to survive in a new form. Yet there was one panther huntress who survived and continued to hunt, for somewhere in the depths of the Shadow she had sought out and bargained with great powers for a gift. She gained a sense of time, the ability to remember the past and anticipate the future. With this came a new source of nourishment and a new mission. Panther-Devours-the-Past can feed upon animal spirits as a normal panther, but she has also incorporated into her nature a spirit out of time, a remnant of the past. She can seek out other spirits whose counterparts in the flesh world have disappeared and devour them for power. She is part of the flow of time, the transition between the past and the present and the present and the future. She gains power from items and events representing such transitions, from when the present remembers the past or looks to the future.

Panther-Devours-the-Past looks like a black panther whose fur is so black it’s the void of nothingness itself. She is a living hole in space, a cut-out of the void, with only her eyes and her teeth shining bright. It is said that her leaps can carry her through time as well as space, allowing her to appear from nowhere to surprise her prey. When talking to her, she frequently responds to statements you would have made, responding to them before you can say it and shifting the conversation to a new timeline. This sometimes makes her appear more well-informed than she actually is, since if you’re not likely to ever say something, she will never see it in any future.

Panther-Devours-the-Past was recently defeated by a young pack of Uratha, who bound it as their totem. She levied a ban on them to hunt a gaffling, alone, once every cycle of the moon.

Many Ithauer and Bone Shadows would consider Panther-Devours-the-Past a magath, a mixture of a common cat spirit with the much more enigmatic time spirits. What are time spirits, though? The Shadow remembers, so is it not, itself, the spirit of time? Did Panther-Devours-the-Past devour a spirit of another choir, and become a magath, or has it simply found some other way of being in the Hisil itself? Such are the uncertainties of the Spirit World, but the werewolves who have taken Panther-Devours-the-Past as their totem have gambled their very pack on the answer to this existential riddle.

Ban: Panther-Devours-the-Past must hunt and consume a gaffling by herself every night.


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