Blackfeather Watchdogs

The Blackfeather Watchdogs are a pack of 6 Forsaken dedicated to waging a war against the Pure generally, the Three Rivers Confederacy specifically, and above all, the Brotherhood of the White Hall and the Prior family.


  • Diana Frostblade is the Watchdogs’ alpha and founder. She is the daughter of Silas Prior and Derrick’s brother, but after giving birth to her daughter, Phoenix, she defected to the Forsaken and became a Storm Lord. Her knowledge of the Brotherhood’s inner workings have allowed the Watchdogs to keep the Brotherhood occupied for over 15 years.
  • Crowfeeder is Diana’s beta, a renowned Hunter in Darkness Rahu. Many have asked why such a powerful elder submits to the rule of another Uratha, but he usually just smiles and shakes his head at this question.
  • Tom Sanders is the pack’s Cahalith, and a Blood Talon.
  • Nora Clark is the pack’s Irraka. She is from Portland, Oregon. After undergoing her First Change, she became a Hunter in Darkness (the tribe has a very strong presence in that area). She traveled to Pittsburgh after hearing stories about Crowfeeder and the Hunting Shadows.
  • Anya Ward is the second of the pack’s three Rahu, and, like Diana, a Storm Lord.
  • Jerry Tucker is the pack’s omega and the last of its three Rahu. He is an Iron Master.


The Watchdogs’ totem is a raven spirit called Carrion-Lord of the Thirteen Bloody Bends. The Watchdogs refer to it, affectionately and with its permission, as “Carrie.” That privilege is reserved only for the Blackfeather Watchdogs, though; the totem insists that other Uratha address it by its full name. It apparently expects the Watchdogs to insist upon this.


The Blackfeather Watchdogs claim territory directly against the Brotherhood’s western border, along Library Road (Route 88). To the west, their territory extends over most of Bethel Park.

Blackfeather Watchdogs

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