Brotherhood of the White Hall

The Brotherhood of the White Hall is a pack of 6 Ivory Claws. They are not all from the Prior family, but the Priors have controlled it and held territory here since at least the 18th century.


  • Silas Prior is the alpha of the Brotherhood, and the current patriarch of the Prior family.
  • Derrick Prior is Silas’s son and beta. As Silas has grown older, Derrick has taken on more of the day-to-day responsibilities for the pack, and leading its offensives.


Forsaken who have fought the Brotherhood and its totem (and survived) have described it as an enormous white dragon. Some local Ithaeur have guessed that it is the spirit of the White Hall, the tavern on Brownsville Road founded by Derrick’s great-grandfather. Others have speculated that it may be some sort of powerful ancestor spirit of the Prior family.


The Brotherhood claims territory covering most of the South Hills.

Brotherhood of the White Hall

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