The Clustergeeks’ name appears in the Jargon File:

clustergeeking: /kluh’ster-gee`king/ [CMU] n. An activity defined by spending more time at a computer cluster doing CS homework than most people spend breathing.

The Clustergeeks formed a “blessed pack” of Iron Masters from the Lodge of Wires who established their territory at Carnegie Mellon University in 2001. Many Uratha look askance on werewolves abandoning their original packs to pursue such an ideologically-driven endeavor, but many of their compatriots in the Lodge consider it a sacred undertaking. The Clustergeeks’ efforts have helped CMU become ever more prominent in the area, and have even helped pave the way for technology companies like Google to find a place in Pittsburgh.


The Clustergeeks have agreed to determine pack hierarchy by programming contest, using recycled questions from ACM programming contests. Their last “Code for Control Contest” was held in 2003. They have abided by its results ever since.


The Clustergeeks’ totem is a surveillance spirit called the Reader, a servant of the Digital Eye itself.


The Clustergeeks began with the campus of CMU as their territory. They slowly expanded, and managed even to reclaim a significant portion of the Barrens created by the Defiler, splitting it into Western and Eastern sections. Other packs in the area might disapprove of their methods or consider them generally odd, but they can’t argue with their results.


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