Gray Wolves

The Gray Wolves take their name from the famous Negro League baseball team, the Homestead Grays. They were strangers from across Pennsylvania before they all experienced their First Change within three months of each other. The Hunting Shadows extended an invitation via their tribemate, the pack’s Irraka, to claim territory next to them to help recover from the devastating effects of the Brethren War.



The Gray Wolves’ totem is the Transmuter, a commodity spirit that once appeared more closely associated with iron, but has since become more of a money spirit, appearing in gold. He is heavily invested in the success of the Waterfront, which the Gray Wolves have played no small part in developing. The pack is slightly worried that the Waterfront’s success may be turning the Transmuter into a magath.


The Gray Wolves claim territory in Homestead and Munhall.

Gray Wolves

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