Hunting Shadows

The Hunting Shadows were a blessed, all-Meninna pack, the only local pack to survive the Brethren War. Their survival propped open some nearby territory where other packs, like the Gray Wolves, could find their start.

The Hunting Shadows successfully stopped the effort to strip-mine Hay’s Woods and build a shopping center and horse-racing track called the Palisades, but they were destroyed by some unknown enemy not long thereafter.



The Hunting Shadows’ totem was a powerful wolf spirit called Mother Night. Rumors circulated that she had some kind of relationship to Hikaon-Ur herself.


The Hunting Shadows claimed a territory encompassing Hay’s Woods. Neighboring packs circulated rumors that the Hunting Shadows had been there for centuries, guarding a powerful locus that only they knew about, and were responsible for keeping Hay’s Woods undeveloped.

Hunting Shadows

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