Keepers of the Dark

Soon after the Brethren War ended in Pittsburgh, a pack of four Bone Shadows arrived and laid claim to the North Side, calling themselves the Keepers of the Dark. They claimed that there was considerable power — and considerable evil — in the Shadow there, and that it must not remain unguarded.



The totem for the Keepers of the Dark is a rattlesnake spirit called Rattles-in-the-Dark.


The Keepers of the Dark claim the North Side. They believe their territory is filled with grave dangers in the Shadow. Principally:

  • It is very close to the Wound.
  • It contains “the Dark Place,” now the North Shore. A number of terrible stories revolve around it as a place of terrible evil.
  • The National Aviary sits on the site of a former Civil War military prison.
  • A number of ghost stories come out of their territory.

Keepers of the Dark

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