Pitt Bulls

The Pitt Bulls are a pack of four Uratha incarcerated in the Allegheny County Jail, all members of the Lodge of Silence. They offer mutual protection like any other prison gang, plus the assurance that if you threaten to reveal the existence of the People under the pressures of incarceration, they will help you — by killing you before you do.


  • Jack Wright is a Hunter in Darkness Rahu serving a life sentence for first-degree murder.
  • Roy Coleman is a Blood Talon Irraka serving a 10-year sentence for witness intimidation.
  • Earl Burnett is an Iron Master Ithaeur serving a 25-year sentence for kidnapping.
  • Vince Callahan is an Iron Master Irraka serving a 20-year sentence for home invasion.


The Pitt Bulls did manage to procure a pack totem inside the prison: a spirit of silence called the Wagging Tongue.


The Pitt Bulls are incarcerated inside Allegheny County Jail — entirely inside the Wound. Any Uratha put inside the prison must abide by the Bulls’ rules, or they will kill him.

Pitt Bulls

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