Western Front

The Western Front is a “blessed pack” of Blood Talons who all underwent their First Change in February 2006. They carved a territory for themselves around Settlers’ Cabin Park, focusing on a continuing war against the Kings of Pangea to their south. The Blood Talons and the Predator Kings are known for their fierce rivalry in general, but nowhere is that more hotly contested than in the war between these two packs. The Front is organized, and generally lives, like a military commando unit — or a terrorist cell, depending on your point of view.



The Western Front underwent quite a quest to obtain their totem — traveling to Fallujah and into its Shadow to bind a terrible war spirit called Skin-Melter.


The Western Front’s territory fills most of the space between the shoal created by the Crusade of Flames to their north and east, and the Kings of Pangea to their south and west.

Western Front

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